5 ways in which a Plesk automation software makes your hosting business easier

The increasing demand of web hosting and cloud-based services is a growing opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start their own web hosting business. But, as we know there are no get-rich-quick schemes, you have to invest a good quantity of time and efforts to make your hosting business easier and lucrative.

As a web hosting company, you will provide server space and storage to your end customers. With the business growth, the number of customers will also grow simultaneously. You’ll also come face to face with multiple challenges.

One of the problems that most of the web hosting providers face is managing their growing customer base and the server space allotted to each one of them. Also, they need multi server management through a single console and support for various languages and website services like Apache with PHP, Ruby, Python, SSL & FreeSSL, NGINX, CDN Support etc.

What they need is a user interface that lets them manage all the servers through a single point of control. Plesk panel meets exactly this need of the web hosting providers.

What is Plesk Onyx?

what-is-plesk-onyxWith complete support for web professionals and developers, Plesk Onyx – the newest version of Plesk panel, has got some amazing features, letting you manage and sell web hosting at one place.

With Plesk control, you can easily manage all your clients, their server details, assign storage and bandwidth effortlessly and do a lot more things. To add to the innumerous benefits of Plesk, a Plesk automation software will help you provision the web hosting resources at a much faster and organized way.

How can a Plesk Automation Software make your hosting business easier?

A Plesk automation software will help streamline the business processes and automate all the major web hosting tasks like inventory management, sales, marketing and partner, hosting services billing, support management and a lot more. Automation will take away the burden of manually provisioning customer and reseller accounts and handling Plesk delivery. This will minimize the probability of errors and speed up the entire process.

RackNap – a complete business process automation software, provides end-to-end automation, provisioning and administration of Plesk for web hosting services. Automation allows your technical team to focus on their core jobs, rather than taking care of suspending Plesk panel licenses in case of server termination or renewal failure.

There are other reasons as well which make a Plesk automation software necessary and directly affect the efficiency of your web hosting business. Let’s have a look at them:

5 ways in which a Plesk automation software makes your hosting business easier.

  1. Automate Plesk panel provisioning

RackNap helps you provide Plesk panel to your end customers without any manual intervention. With end-to-end automation, it comes integrated with Plesk API. When any user purchases web hosting from you, he will get access to the Plesk panel associated with that particular plan automatically. This saves the crucial time of your technical team that’s needed in case of manual installation of the Plesk panel.

Also, with the help of RackNap, you can sell web hosting and reseller hosting to your end customers and auto-provision their accounts. You get pre-built templates and customizable templates to build web hosting configurations and set pricing and display them on your website.

  1. Easy access and administration

With RackNap, your customer can login to his Plesk panel from within his member panel. They can also manage their login credentials from here.

  1. Automate the operational tasks

The importance of a Plesk automation software comes when it is able to automate the regular jobs associated with the service/product. Here, in case of web hosting, you have to manage several user accounts, keep a check on their renewal/suspension status and much more.

With an automation software like RackNap, you no more need to manually check the status of a user’s hosting account. The Plesk panel will auto-renew at the end of the billing period, if the customer renews the hosting service, and if in any case the customer does not renew the service, the Plesk panel will also get suspended automatically.

  1. Get best of both the worlds

Having automation in the operational tasks is good, but sometimes you need manual intervention as well. For ex: if you need to suspend or terminate the web hosting services, including the Plesk panel, of a user before his billing cycle ends due to whatsoever reason, then RackNap gives you the flexibility to manually suspend/terminate the services and Plesk license, with a simple click of the button. Thus, with the help of RackNap Plesk automation, you get both- automation and manual control over system processes.

  1. Manage user accounts

With RackNap’s integration with Plesk API, you and your customers can easily manage respective accounts and perform administrative activities like setting username or passwords.

Key Takeaway

A Plesk automation software like RackNap will help you sell and manage web hosting in a better way. You can easily control the provisioning and administration of the Plesk panel to the end customer with both manual and automated means. A faster approach to market and a seamless web hosting experience with the power of Plesk panel will help you earn more customers and grow in the market.

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